2toriie2 of a vwayvward youth


one thing i never do is write a rough draft it’s all or nothing go big or go home


For real though why do boys complain about kissing girls who have red lipstick on? It just gets on your lips so now you’re wearing it too?? It’s a free makeover and now you’re lookin fab why complain??? So ungrateful?????


It’s so funny how everyone portrays Her Imperious Condescension as a formal, dignified, regal empress, and then you read her pesterlogs and 


Yes. So regal.


Look how queenly she is.


The epitome of royal behavior.


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 


my morning was spent eating babyruths and reapplying black lipstick 


something quick to get rid of this arrrt blockkk


something quick to get rid of this arrrt blockkk


Russell Brand Messiah Complex

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Is this the real life

is this just fantasy?

His 13th birthday

caused the end of humanity

open your eyes

look up to the sky and see

A meteorite coming right at me

transport to your new land, with consorts and denizen

And control the wind flow, these powers bestowed to me

to me

Mother had built a lab

Beneath Jasper’s tomb

to prevent my mortal doom

Mother, the game has just begun

I’m getting second thoughts if I should play

Mother, oooh, didn’t mean to end the world

I wont be back again come tomorrow

I’ll have gone grimdark

and ruin all that matters

Brother, the time has come

the flames are on our town

as the meteor bears down

Control these damn timelines

And beat Jack Noir

Look at all my alternate selves and face the truth

Brother, ooooh, why’d you have to die?

I was never a true hero at all

I see a little silhouetto of a troll

New Memo New Memo!

Ban all of your past selves now

Weaponry in hand, come on now run from them

Damn it Vriska damn it Vriska

Damn it Gamzee damn it Gamzee

and motherfucking Eridan


I’m just a poor troll with fucked up blood in me

he’s just a poor troll with rebel ancestry

Living a life of hemo-anonymity

Heads you stay, tails you go. What does she mean go?

Flip goes the coin! Will she let Vriska go?(please say no)

Scratched Disc next! Will she let Vriska go? (please say no!)

Luck powers! Will she let Vriska go?

Will she let her go?

Will she let her go?



Oh dear seer, oh dear seer!

Where did your sanity go???

And Rose Lalonde has her needles put aside for me, for me, for me!(ouch shit fuck my eyes!)

So you forget her birthday and think its alright? When she had licked the juju she began to fly

Oh Janey, Jake and Dirk and Roxy! Just gotta snap out, snap right the hell out of Trickster mode

God tiers, God tiers!

I cant believe its ending, but anyone can see.
Homestuck is really ending
Yes its really ending, for me
(please enter name)

You have the feeling its gonna be a long day

Here it is! My big 4/13 ordeal! It took a good few hours (like 5) of just sitting and messing with the timing to make this! Hope ya’ll enjoy, and happy 4/13

Holy shoot danny you’re crazy in the best way oh wow the harmony and the delivery when the trolls’ bit kicks in, lovely! @o@